Big Data Consulting and Training

We provide Consultants who can lead Big Data program strategy, design, implementation, reporting, and optimization as well as online or onsite training in the disciplines of Big Data programming, languages, tools, analytics, and administration.


Business Need

Today’s business and technology landscape is enabling organizations of all types to capture more data than ever before. In fact, Gartner predicts that the Big Data market will grow to nearly $60 billion worldwide by 2020. However, many organizations are challenged with how best to capture and leverage Big Data for competitive advantage. Whether client’s are looking to reduce costs, introduce new products, and/or improve strategic decision making, Informatic can help you more effectively harness Big Data to fuel business growth.


Informatic flexibly engages with clients depending upon their particular Big Data needs. Our consultants can provide comprehensive expertise that spans the entire Big Data lifecycle including program strategy, design, implementation, reporting and optimization. Additionally, we offer comprehensive online and/or onsite training in the disciplines of Big data programming, languages, tools, analytics, and administration.


Enhanced understanding of Big Data and how to leverage it for competitive advantage

Improved Big Data strategies and ongoing optimization

Improved and more efficient decision making

Reduced operational costs and/or improved ability for new product/service introductions