Our proprietary Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solution that provides multiple benefits over SAP.

AuditBot SAP Risk Sensing Stays Ahead

AuditBot SAP Risk Management Solution helps to maintain audit compliance within finance, internal audit and IT organizations. Whether it is during the business day, overnight or over a weekend, AuditBot continually checks for any risks embedded into the SAP Systems. It transforms the IT director from a Monday morning quarterback, to the leader of a winning team in the SAP audit compliance game. Auditbot SAP Risk Management software suite helps companies to spot and counter the risks instantly so that they do not impact the budget with large remediation expenses and avoid huge audit clean up fees.

AuditBot SAP Risk Control Process

AuditBot SAP Audit tool monitors and analyzes user authorizations and keeps track of all the transactions performed in the SAP system which are sorted by the user. AuditBot SAP Risk Solution monitors all users and all the transactions they execute in the SAP systems. Some of the activities that can be monitored are:

Repeated transaction failure


Time spent in the system


Master user changes


System errors


Sensitive transaction access


Transport and any other system-related errors


Excessive access


Mission of AuditBot: Reduce SAP Risk

To be a single source provider for SAP Risk-management

To increase audit compliance and save client’s money

To discover and analyze the client’s needs

To advise clients, to deliver and implement SAP risk management solutions which meet each client’s unique needs

To train clients to sustain and maintain the success of the SAP Risk management solutions

To maintain the corporate philosophy and attitude to take care of people, service and profit

Our Products

SAP License Saver

Guaranteed 10% to 40% License Savings
Precise License type recommendation
Compare SAP and Recommended Costs
Automate Inactive User Locking


SAP RISK Management- SOD Analyzer

One Day Implementation
Industry Standard Risk Rule Set
Reduce Audit Compliance Costs
Document Postings and Executed TCodes


SAP Process Controls

Detect duplicate and fraudulent postings
Identify Business process errors
Analyze Errors from 100s of SAP Tables
Save Audit Compliance Costs


SAP Role Automation Tool

Create 1000s of Single SAP Roles
Create 1000s of Composite, Derived Roles
Automation of Org Values Update
Automation of Auth Obj Values Update


SAP Emergency Help Desk

Elevated Access to SAP Production Servers
Executed TCodes Reporting in Real time
Risk Analysis on Executed TCodes
Approved & Monitored Emergency Access


SAP Log Manager

Store & Analyze Executed TCodes
Risk Analysis on User Executed TCodes
Track Employee Actions & Time Spent
TCode Usage Analysis of Users / Roles


Other Addon Tools

SAP Master Data Analyzer

Analyze 1000s of IMG and Master Tables Real Time Alert on Sensitive table change SoD Risk analysis based on Doc Postings Instant snapshot on IMG & Master Tables


SAP Transaction Usage Analyzer

Most of the companies that implement SAP systems use somewhere between 1000 to 2000 transactions but have more than 90,000 transactions in the system.


SAP Custom Objects Analyzer

All SAP customers can create custom transactions, tables and programs in the SAP System. This makes the internal audit team’s job very difficult.


SAP System Profile Analyzer

Most of the SAP customers have multiple systems and multiple environments. The system profiles have to be configured in each and every system.


SAP User Lock Manager

Many companies have a policy to lock the users who are not using the system after certain number of days, usually 60 days or 90 days.


SAP Security-Analyzer

As an internal auditor for a organization with SAP ECC System, the challenge is to have a quick way to monitor the Risk of the system.


About AuditBot

AuditBOT is suite of tools for GRC, Process controls, Software Asset Management (SAM), Role optimisation and SAP Licence optimisation.

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