Big Data and Analytics

Comprehensive consulting services and solutions to address
today’s explosive Big Data and Analytics market.

Business Need

Today’s rapidly evolving business and technology landscape is fueling the need for more sophisticated strategies and solutions in Big Data and Analytics. The proliferation of mobile devices combined with the continued rapid growth of online channels and social media will result in organizations having access to more business related data than ever before. But how do you best capture data? How do you best leverage data for competitive advantage? And how do you best monitor your business in the ever evolving social landscape? Informatic can help guide you through these mission critical challenges.


Informatic offers a range of services and solutions to help clients navigate the ever evolving Big Data and Analytics landscape.

Big Data

For Big Data, Informatic flexibly engages with clients depending upon their particular needs. Our consultants can provide expertise that spans the entire Big Data lifecycle including program strategy, design, implementation, reporting and optimization. Additionally, we offer online and/or onsite training in the disciplines of Big data programming, languages, tools, analytics, and administration.


As part of our enterprise-wide Analytics solutions, we offer end-end services for SAP HANA migrations and S/4HANA implementations, helping organizations realize benefits of digital economy, analytics and to create business differentiations.

Social Media Analytics

Informatic’s “Canary” Social Media Analytics consulting and services solution is helping major organizations better manage their brands across the digital ecosystem. Our comprehensive social media analytics offering includes:

Social Listening


Distillation of Insights




Digital Marketing Recommendations/Strategies


Additionally, we’ve developed a proprietary real-time reporting app (CARTA) that is fully customizable allowing stakeholders to monitor changes in the digital/traditional environment 24x7x365 via alerts to their smart device.


Big Data

Enhanced understanding of Big Data and how to leverage it for competitive advantage

Improved Big Data strategies and ongoing optimization

Improved and more efficient decision making

Reduced operational costs and/or improved ability for new product/service introductions

Social Media Analytics

More thoroughly monitor online (or traditional) consumer conversations

Leverage insights to improve marketing strategy and ROI

Improve consumer understanding, segmentation, brand barriers/levers

Real-time alerting of behavior changes in the digital and/or traditional environment