Consumer Experience Analytics & Engagement

Addressing the need for Consumer Behavior / Experience Analytics and Engagement in the Digital Era and deriving actionable insights, enabling new paradigm of market research/marketing and customer service; deepen customer engagement and drive positive ROI.

Informatic’s “Canary” Solution and Services provides healthcare stakeholders the ability to predict, prioritize and proactively engage their customers in digital channels – Improving health outcomes, enhancing reputations and spotting revenue opportunities.

About Canary

Canary enables healthcare proactively engage their patients across the continuum of care to improve health outcomes, develop meaningful relationships and drive awareness.Canary enables decision support through intelligent signal management that cuts through the noise, prioritizes, alerts and offers personalized action pathways.The dynamic decision support moves the needle from reports and dashboards to personalized set of alerts / insights and action pathways aligned to the stakeholder needs. This is activated through notifications served up on the stakeholders’ device of choice, powered by an intelligent rule based algorithm and complemented by human curation.

Our consulting group comprise of a group of practitioners drawn from the healthcare, outsourcing and analytics domains. We believe most current solutions for healthcare companies are missing the “last mile” i.e. the need for a call to action and we have the ability to solve this need. Our team has helped more than 100 brands globally bring their social media, mobile, marketing, response management and data strategies to life. This operational track record is strengthened by our experience in technology consulting, operations, change management and analytics.

People are online and in need of a health solution


Of people search the internet first for healthcare information


Of patients go online to validate doctors diagnosis

Why Canary?

Consumers are online and taking charge of their health and wellness choices. Patient communities and friends in social media are becoming trustworthy sources of healthcare information. Thus, patient and consumer conversations from digital platforms provide a window into what is important to them as they make healthcare decisions. Digitally savvy marketers in the $1.3 trillion health and wellness market are struggling with understanding relevant customer experiences that would enhance their targeting, increase awareness, engagement and sales.

Canary is creating value in the health and wellness industry through customer behavior intelligence platform. Canary has experience in building behavioral and segmentation models out of unstructured social media conversations. We use our platform and curation expertise to help key brands hyper segment the market, track and intervene with their end customers.We have built, tracked and alerted patient / customer segmentation models for leading wellness and pharma brands.


Of 18-24 year olds trust health information they get from social media


Of patients rely on peer advice for making drug & treatment decisions


Purchased an item online after seeing it used by a social media influencer

What is Canary?

Canary is a dynamic decision support solution that enables healthcare proactively engage their patients across the continuum of care to improve health outcomes, develop meaningful relationships and drive awareness.


We Provide platforms and services for multiple healthcare stakeholders including brands, commercial operations, regulatory, R&D, clinical trials and business development teams and more.

Healthcare Expertise


Configurable Algorithms


Actionable Insights


Strategic Mapping

Enabling proactive and meaningful patient engagement programs

Design proactive patient engagement programs for brands and diseases

Enable organizations achieve digital outcomes for the brand, commercial operations, R&D, clinical trial stakeholders

Operate within the framework of existing regulatory environment

Domain specific consultants with a big data background to lead the assignments

Design of customized framework for the stakeholders

Build customized measurement models for use in the existing technology environment


Canary Alerts For Real Time Actionability

Platform based, algorithm powered, continuous environment scanning service

Customized, human curated output for brand specificity

“Always on” alerting service to power regulatory teams to be pre insured for potential problems

Early detection of problems in the eco system for R&D teams

Use digital patient experience for clinical trial recruitment and adherence

Business Response Management

Supporting organizations in the operational journey

Event based response management platform, triggered during a crisis or launch

Comprehensive response notification and alerting plan

Configurable business rules for alerting to stakeholders

Design and execute proactive patient engagement programs from playbook, training to operations