Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson Nutrition (MJN) Company manufactures nutritional products for infants, children and expectant and nursing mothers base on Indian and USA.

The company markets its products in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. MJN companies revenues exceed US $4 billion. Due to its size and growth of MJN Client: lacked clarity on the SAP License consumed and License management had tough time getting better grip on the situation . The company’s IT management team realized its manual SAP License efforts were falling short. Time was wasted and resources were underutilized. MJN initiated an SAP License Compliance initiative to clean up the user base and identity true user count.

Customer Pain points / Challenges

8 Production systems with various SAP products

Over the count on No of SAP licenses purchased

Difficult to classify Users with precise license type

Lot of manual efforts and no clarity on SAP license types

AuditBOT License Saver Tool Results

8 Production systems consolidated centrally


Precise license classification to users based on executed TCodes, USMM document postings, Developers etc.


Deployed AuditBOT License tool in just one day


Identified and Locked inactive / duplicate users


Automated License solution to analyze users within few minutes from 8 systems


Outcome – Results


Less Professional Licenses Used


Less Limited Professional Licenses Used

Client Review

“The team at AuditBOT are very responsive and helpful – their customer service and support are fantastic. We were up and running very quickly with AuditBOT- It just worked as advertised with no fuss. Highly recommend”

Eduardo Pulido

Internal Audit


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