Patient & Consumer Healthcare Analytics

Informatic’s “Canary” Healthcare Analytics Services and Alerting Solution is helping many organizations better manage online and social marketing programs.

Business Need

The Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Healthcare industries are being profoundly impacted by digital and online technology. For example, recent statistics illustrate how patients are taking greater control of their healthcare choices:

  • – 75% of patients rely of peer advice while making treatment and drug decisions
  • – 66% of patients try to change their health behavior each year
  • – 50% of patients regularly search online for information before seeking healthcare


And all of this is happening in an industry where 69% of total costs are influenced by patient behaviors. Now, more than ever, healthcare organizations need to support positive patient/consumer behaviors while continuously monitoring any ecosystem changes across the continuum of care.


Informatic’s “Canary” Patient & Consumer Healthcare Analytics consulting and services solution is helping major organizations better manage their brands across the digital ecosystem. We offer a comprehensive patient analytics offering that includes:

Social Listening


Distillation of Insights




Digital Marketing Recommendations/Strategies


Additionally, we’ve developed a proprietary real-time reporting app (CARTA) that is fully customizable allowing stakeholders to monitor changes in the digital/traditional environment 24x7x365 via alerts to their smart device.


More thoroughly monitor online (or traditional) patient conversations

Leverage insights to improve marketing strategy and ROI

Improve patient understanding, segmentation, brand barriers/levers

Real-time alerting of behavior changes in the digital and/or traditional environment