SAP Master Data Analyzer

Master data management refers to the aggregation of “master data” — a company’s most important data about its customers, products or other assets — for the enterprise. AuditBOT Master Data Management tool manages the master data from one central location. Currently, the Internal Auditors have to look at different locations to identify the data issues.

Alert Notification: When critical tables are modified, then a specific user can be notified.

Data Changes: Auditors can review the data changes by specific module related tables.

Single source of master data represents three important capabilities:

Authoritative source of information

Ability to use the information in a consistent way

Business Users are empowered with an accurate and comprehensive view

Increase transparency and traceability of data for compliance purposes

Customer Reviews

The AuditBot License Saver is a flexible licensing system with all the features you will ever need.It is easy to install and use. Plus AuditBOT have excellent backup support for both software vendors and end user system administrators.

The product was easy to use and flexible in meeting our licensing needs. We use it in both configuration as well as a more complex multi-user network environment.

The team at AuditBOT are very responsive and helpful – their customer service and support are fantastic. We were up and running very quickly with AuditBOT- It just worked as advertised with no fuss. Highly recommend.

We found AuditBOT to be everything that we require in an enterprise-class license management technology. Implementing AuditBOT gave us the flexibility to fit our changing licensing models and business needs.