SAP Process Controls

Process Controls

Looking for a better way to ensure you’re in full compliance with external and internal policies? GRC’s Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) has your back! With this guide to CCM, you’ll be able to effectively establish controls over master data and system transactions and configuration parameters. Use GRC’s CCM to ensure you’re in full compliance with external and internal policies. With this, you’ll master the ins-and-outs of CCM architecture, the different data source types, how to create a data source and business rules and how to assign these rules to controls. Learn to maintain control over master data and system transactions and configuration parameters.

Process Controls

  1. CCM in SAP Process Control
  2. Create business rules and assign them to controls
  3. Assess effectiveness of controls and make improvements

Process control software

Delivers automated and continuous control of critical master data and business transactions in SAP ERP and detects fraud and errors. The software scans the business data and transactions in the SAP system’s database. Suspicious transactions and data get flagged and an alert is created. All data for this alert is stored inside the SAP ERP system. Users – managers, expert and auditors – can access the alerts in their inbox together with relevant background information (details on vendors, materials, posting documents, etc.). Based on the users’ authorizations they get an overview on open alerts as well as details for each alert. They can update the alert and add comments and information directly in the application.

Enhance security

Built-in controls, no need to spend months configuring. Get industry-leading reporting with methodologies that the largest consulting firms rely on. No costly implementation process, simply import into your SAP ERP system. Full access with no risk and no commitment during your free trial. Pre-built controls and case management workflows but can be customized to your specific needs.

Benefits & Rewards

We care for our clients’ business as our business. We think and act like business partners, not as consulting advisors. We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their reality and align our incentives with their objectives — so they know we’re in this together.

Benefits of SAP Process Controls

Visibility and Transparency
High-level status of the compliance process can quickly assess internal control framework

Reduce costs of compliance
Automates information flows, testing, findings & remediation assignments

Low Investment
Application is in ABAP, no need to buy on-premise hardware or software.

Customer Reviews

The AuditBot License Saver is a flexible licensing system with all the features you will ever need.It is easy to install and use. Plus AuditBOT have excellent backup support for both software vendors and end user system administrators.

The product was easy to use and flexible in meeting our licensing needs. We use it in both configuration as well as a more complex multi-user network environment.

The team at AuditBOT are very responsive and helpful – their customer service and support are fantastic. We were up and running very quickly with AuditBOT- It just worked as advertised with no fuss. Highly recommend.

We found AuditBOT to be everything that we require in an enterprise-class license management technology. Implementing AuditBOT gave us the flexibility to fit our changing licensing models and business needs.