SAP SOD Analyzer

Current Problem

About SAP SOD Analyzer

Major corporations have requirements for the internal audit group and upper management staff to ensure that their SAP user access was appropriately provided and free of SOD. SAP risk analysis software analyzes user access and provides a detailed report on the separation of duties risk or SOD and sensitive transaction risk within the SAP system.

Challenge with SAP SOD

Most corporations, when designing their SAP Security roles, do not consider the SAP SOD implications on role design. Most users will have excessive access leading to numerous SOD violations. Untangling the SOD web becomes very difficult as this situation goes on for many years. Since training and testing also depend on role design, if the SAP SOD needs to be cleaned up, then the training curriculum and testing scripts will also be affected.

Our Solution

Benefits of SAP SOD Solution

Once the SAP SOD solution is implemented, there will be very minimum risk in the system. When the external audit group does their auditing, there should not be any major control issue in the security management area for SAP SOD.

Features of Our SAP SOD Solution

SAP SOD risk analysis at the transaction and authorization object level

Daily job scheduled in the background to analyze all users and roles

SAP risk analysis on the critical transaction level

SAP risk analysis on the critical object level

Ability to simulate user or role additions without making the change

Update the rule set with upload or manually

Detailed report on the rule set

Mitigation Controls at the user and role levels

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Customer Reviews

The AuditBot License Saver is a flexible licensing system with all the features you will ever need.It is easy to install and use. Plus AuditBOT have excellent backup support for both software vendors and end user system administrators.

The product was easy to use and flexible in meeting our licensing needs. We use it in both configuration as well as a more complex multi-user network environment.

The team at AuditBOT are very responsive and helpful – their customer service and support are fantastic. We were up and running very quickly with AuditBOT- It just worked as advertised with no fuss. Highly recommend.

We found AuditBOT to be everything that we require in an enterprise-class license management technology. Implementing AuditBOT gave us the flexibility to fit our changing licensing models and business needs.