SAP System Profile Analyzer

Current Problem

Most of the SAP customers have multiple systems and multiple environments. The system profiles have to be configured in each and every system. As the customer keeps adding new systems, system profile parameters must be matched as part of the internal auditor’s SAP Security Audit process. It becomes increasingly difficult for the internal audit team to keep track of which systems are non-compliant with the company’s SAP security audit policy. When the external auditor does a detailed review, they will compare the company policy requirement with parameters which are configured in the system and identify those which are non-compliant.

Our Solution

Benefits of SAP SOD Solution

Security Audit with SAP System Profile Analyzer

The tool compares parameter values against the company policy and highlights the violations. This will help the internal audit and system auditors quickly fix the issue. The Internal audit team can track all the sensitive profile parameters which will save hours of manual labor when compared to other systems.


The tool provides a central cockpit for comparing the profile parameters of all the systems from one location as part of SAP Security Audit


The company can input their required parameters as per their company policy and make them comply with SAP Security Audit


The tool will constantly monitor the values and highlight the values which are non-compliant


One touch connection will include the new system and can be analyzed for SAP Security Audit


Simulated parameter changes will help the company see the effort of their work


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Customer Reviews

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The product was easy to use and flexible in meeting our licensing needs. We use it in both configuration as well as a more complex multi-user network environment.

The team at AuditBOT are very responsive and helpful – their customer service and support are fantastic. We were up and running very quickly with AuditBOT- It just worked as advertised with no fuss. Highly recommend.

We found AuditBOT to be everything that we require in an enterprise-class license management technology. Implementing AuditBOT gave us the flexibility to fit our changing licensing models and business needs.