Understanding Consumer Behavior On Weight Loss in Twitter

The weight loss market is big and growing .The consumers are interested in sustainable ways of losing weight and are talking / obsessing about it.

Digital media conversations can give insight into consumer behavior on weight loss and give important pointers on the category’s involvement.

Canary did an analysis of around 20,000+ twitter conversations to get a pulse of what is important to consumers in their weight loss journey. Consumers speak shows that they really care about happiness, relationships and motivation that will help them in their weight loss journey. Click here for details on how Canary detection engine works.

Canary has the expertise to mine social media conversations and separate out the signal from noise to inform organizations what really matters to their consumers. We are the digital consumer behavior analytics organizations that enables organizations get closer to their customers.

Canary signal management approach was born out of a burning desire to help simplify and enhance the value the healthcare industry gets out of the digital data explosion.